Hi, I’m Jordy.
Officially, I am the founder and CEO of Shine Obsession, but I’m just happy to call myself a professional detailer. I started my career in the automotive industry as an apprentice mechanic at a dealership, soon after the on site detailer went on leave and I was thrown head first into detailing on a professional level. I barely knew what a microfibre towel was!
I fell in love with detailing during that first job, it was nothing special, a Ford Ute with chicken bones under the seats, but I couldn’t believe I’d ever wanted to do anything else!
I started to spend a ridiculous amount of time (and money haha) detailing my own car almost every weekend. Constantly learning about new products and techniques. I couldn’t get enough! It was a natural progression from there really, I started to do my friends and family’s cars on the weekend’s and every time they would tell me, I should be detailing for a job.
Fast forward a few years and I finally decide that my family and friend’s were right, I wanted to be a detailer. I started to look for jobs in the industry, but there was one problem.
Everywhere I could find seemed to be a car wash cafe, turning out quick, but sub-standard work.
I just didn’t want to be a part of it, if I was going to be a detailer, I was going to do it right.
No quick washes and coffee’s, just a professional service, served with a smile, like it should be.
With that, Shine Obsession was born and I couldn’t be happier.
– Jordy Valentine
Professional Detailer/CEO

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